Whistle Engineering Services

We offer the following services:

  • Bearing Inspections: Bearings and operating conditions must be periodically inspected and maintained to maximize bearing life, to prevent mechanical failure.
  • Belt Design: We design the most cost-effective and efficient belt drive sytems.
  • Belt & Shaft Alignment: When an electric motor, turbine or other driver is coupled to a pump, generator or other equipment, the shafts of the two must be properly aligned.
  • Dismounting & Mounting of Bearings: Proper mounting requires experience, accuracy, a clean work environment, correct working methods and the appropriate tools.
  • Gearbox & Motor Overhauls: Gearbox and geared motors repair, maintenance and overhaul to maintain the highest performance and extend their life.
  • Motor Rewinds: we are confident in being able to offer you the highest quality workmanship in motor rewinding
  • Plant Mapping: We can provide best practice plant mapping
  • Vibrations Analysis: We provide Vibration analysis in the most prevalent method used for monitoring, detecting and analyzing the structure’s condition in real time or at specified time intervals.